Shengchen Zhang

Hi! Shengchen here. Friends also call me Shauna. I’m studying for my PhD degree at Tongji University. My research interests include human-computer and human-robot interaction, as well as design and artificial intelligence. Currently, my research focuses on the communication of knowledge between humans and robots.
NEWS | Paper on social HRI design toolkit for robot learning accepted to HCII’22 🎉
PROJ | Flashcard
PROJ | BirdsEye
PROJ | Intrigue
BLOG | Time management for the single-threaded mind
HCII'22: Designing Social Interactions for Learning Personalized Knowledge in Service Robots
CHI'21: Patterns for Representing Knowledge Graphs to Communicate Situational Knowledge of Service Robots
Packaging Engineering: Data Presentation and Interaction of the Internet of Things Based on Augmented Reality
Flashcard: A simple yet flexible flashcard widget for FigJam.
BirdsEye: Breaking out of the Twitter echo chamber with a multi-robot interface
Intrigue: A research tool for organizing literature into ideas, fast.
Equity WITHOUT Zoning: A web-based simulation for the Equity WITHOUT Zoning workshop, presented at City Science Summit 2020.
Imaginary social touch: Exploring virtual, touch-screen mediated social touch behavior.
Desk Manager: A macOS app that help you keep only what you need on your Desktop.
Candle.js: A GPU-accelerated library to make running PyTorch models in the browser a bit easier. It also serves as a tensor computation library.
FontNN: Create fonts with the help of a neural network, by giving examples of what you want.
Blog posts
Time management for the single-threaded mind

A system that I use to help me (not) keep track of multiple projects simultaneously.

A robot that understands natural language knowledge graph queries (part 1)

Part 1 of a series of posts as I explore how to let people access and modify the knowledge graph in a robot using natural language.