Desk Manager



A small and simple macOS app that help you keep only what you need on your Desktop. Lives in the menu bar.

Behind the scenes

This is an app that I originally put together for personal use.

I have a folder called "Desktop Workspace" living somewhere on my computer. Inside it are many more folders, each for one project I'm working on.

When I work on a project, I choose it from the menu of the app, and all of the files are transferred to my desktop. When I finish, I click "put everything back" and they all go back to the project folder.

The reasoning behind it is simple:

  1. The desktop is perhaps the easiest-to-reach place on one's computer.
  2. My desktop was cluttered with files from multiple simultaneous projects.
  3. I only work on one project at a time[1].
  4. It only makes sense to see just the files related to that project on my desktop when I'm working on it.

Since then, some people around me has adopted this tool into their workflow, and therefore basically became my beta testers. I'm adding things here and there as I get requests from them, and as I discover new needs myself.

Next steps

Desk Manager is being actively maintained. Please submit any bugs or feature requests to the Github issues page.